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Technical literature

Buckwheat Dehulling Machine Usa

Time:2022-07-18 11:18 Views:

Buckwheat is an annual herb. Stems erect, 30-90 cm tall, branched above, green or red, with longitudinal ribs, glabrous or papillary on one side along the longitudinal ribs. The leaves are triangular or ovate-triangular, 2.5-7 cm long, 2-5 cm wide, acuminate at the top, heart-shaped at the base, with papillary protrusions along the veins on both sides. Buckwheat likes a cool and humid climate, is not resistant to high temperature, drought, strong wind, fears frost, likes sunshine, and needs more water
buckwheat dehulling machine usa

In buckwheat products, hulling is a key factor affecting the quality of buckwheat noodles. Only clean buckwheat can produce high-quality buckwheat noodles. Buckwheat husks are the biggest by-product, and buckwheat hulls are a premium sleeping pad filler that can fetch high prices. In the process of buckwheat hulling, ensuring the hulling rate of the finished product and reducing the breakage rate is a good way for growers to improve the comprehensive utilization value of the product and increase the planting income.

buckwheat dehulling machine usa
Today, I would like to introduce one: Buckwheat Dehulling Machine USA. This machine follows the traditional roller grinding technology, and on this basis has made innovations. It has the characteristics of high shelling rate, low noise and high output.
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