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Technical literature

Feed Pellet Machine Instructions

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Thank you for choosing our feed pellet machine! Please read the following instructions carefully before use so that you can operate your device correctly and safely.
First, product introduction
Our feed pellet machine is a machine to press powdered feed raw materials into pellets, which is suitable for poultry, livestock, aquaculture and other aquaculture industries. The pellet machine can be divided into two types: diesel feed pellet machine and electric feed pellet machine.
Second, the difference between diesel feed pellet machine and electric feed pellet machine
1. Power source: Diesel feed pellet machine uses diesel as fuel, powered by internal combustion engine; The electric feed pellet machine is driven by electricity.
2. Application scenario: Diesel feed pellet machine is suitable for remote areas or field operations without power supply; Electric feed pellet machine is suitable for fixed places with power supply.
3. Noise and emissions: diesel feed pellet machine will produce a certain amount of noise and emissions due to the existence of internal combustion engines; The electric feed pellet machine does not have this problem and is more environmentally friendly.
4. Maintenance costs: diesel feed pellet machine needs to replace oil, filters and other parts regularly, and the maintenance cost is relatively high; The maintenance cost of the electric feed pellet machine is low, and only regular cleaning and inspection are required.
5. Price: Under normal circumstances, the price of diesel feed pellet machine is relatively low, while the price of electric feed pellet machine is relatively high.
Third, use method
1. Prepare feed raw materials: According to your needs, put powdered feed raw materials into the feed mouth of the machine.
2. Adjust the particle size: according to your needs, adjust the particle size adjustment device on the machine to obtain the appropriate particle size.
3. Start the machine: for the diesel feed pellet machine, first open the fuel switch, and then start the internal combustion engine; For the electric feed pellet machine, directly insert the power plug and turn on the switch.
4. Processing pellets: After starting the machine, feed raw materials will be automatically pressed into pellets and discharged from the discharge port.
5. Clean the machine: After use, clean the residual feed inside the machine in time to keep the machine clean and normal operation.
4. Precautions
1. Before use, please ensure that all parts of the machine have been properly installed and connected.
2. During operation, please follow the instructions in the operation manual and do not overload the machine.
3. When adding feed raw materials, please be careful not to exceed the maximum capacity of the machine.
4. Maintain and maintain the machine regularly to ensure its normal operation and extend its service life.
5. In the process of use, if you encounter any problems or faults, please stop using immediately and contact after-sales service personnel.
We hope that this instruction will help you better understand and use our feed pellet machine. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service staff.
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