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Broad Bean Frying Machine

Fava Bean Frying Machine|Broad Bean Frying Machine|Beans Fryer is composed of stainless steel frame frying pan heating tube electric control box motor and reducer frying basket gas burner exhaust valve stirring system etc. Can autom...



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Fava Bean Frying Machine|Broad Bean Frying Machine|Beans Fryer is composed of stainless steel frame,frying pan,heating tube,electric control box,motor and reducer,frying basket,gas burner,exhaust valve,stirring system, etc.Can automatically filter residue inspection, automatic temperature control,suitable for frying all kinds of nuts and beans.
Beans Fryer Manufacturer

Advantages of automatic Fava Bean Frying Machine|Broad Bean Frying Machine|Beans Fryer:
1.The oil-water mixing technology is used to automatically filter the residue, hich can extend the oil change interval and reduce fuel costs.
2.Fully automatic operation: It can realize automatic loading, automatic stirring,automatic discharging, etc.,thereby reducing labor costs.
3.All machines are made of 304 stainless steel and are internationally recognized food grade steel.
4.Fried basket made of high quality stamped stainless steel for long life
5.There are various heating methods: mainly electricity,atural gas,liquefied gas and external circulation heating.
6.Simple operation,aving manpower.One-touch operation is available via buttons on the control panel.

Fava Bean / Broad Bean Frying Process:
Pre-treatment: Broad beans are soaked in water for about 22-30 hours. Before frying, cut a hole in the broad bean skin and then dry them.
Frying temperature: about 170 degrees; frying time, about 6 minutes.

Scope of Use of Gas-heated Fava Bean Fryer Machine:
Broad beans, green beans,Peanut Frying Machineand other nuts;
Potato chips, french fries, banana chips and other snack foods;
Spring roll, samosa and other flour products;
Beef, various fish, chicken and other meat products.

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