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What are the advantages and benefits of silage feed

Time:2022-11-24 10:37 Views:

Silafging feed is an important source of feed for beef beef beef cows. It has the characteristics of smell, fragrant, soft and juicy, and good taste. It is an indispensable feed for beef cattle in winter and spring. The benefits and advantages of silage feed are:
silage feed
1. Can better save nutrients in the raw materials
Silafging feed has a weak oxidation and decomposition during the modulation process, with less nutritional loss (3%to 10%), and can save most of the nutrients in pasture and feed crops, especially carotene in green green feed.
2. Can degrade some cellulose
Crop straw can be softened during the silage, so that some crude fibers degrade and improve digestion.
3. It can be stored for a long time under sealing conditions
Silafging feed can be stored for many years, so that green green feed can be balanced within the year.
4. Can improve palatability
The fermented silage feed, soft and juicy, and the lactic acid, acetic acid, and alcohol produced by the produced are fragrant, and the livestock prefers.
5. Silage can kill certain sources of crops, which can cause weed seeds to be damaged
During the silage process, the temperature can reach about 37 ° C, and the duration is long. Coupled with anaerobic and acidic environment, it is enough to kill the insects and weed seeds, inhibit the activities of various microorganisms; , Biological and other technologies to improve the nutritional value of feed.

So what are the machines making silage?
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