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Uganda with rich products

Time:2022-12-20 15:36 Views:

Uganda is rich in products. Niu and sheep everywhere, huge lake fish, tea trees, sugarcane forests in the mountains, coffee trees full of fruits, green and green banana trees ...

Uganda animal husbandry is developed. Natural pasture, this is a green grass, a group of cattle and sheep. The 10,000 -first (20 yuan) beef and mutton, which is cheaper than mineral water, has become a food on the table of Ugandan, providing rich nutrition for Ugandans. In many small villages and towns, you can find large pieces of beef or lamb, which are fresh and delicate. In many restaurants, spend 20,000 to make you can eat delicious authentic steaks. On the way to long -distance roads, you will be able to encounter vendors selling roast lamb skewers. Only salt can make you unforgettable.

Uganda water systems are developed, and there are many rivers and lakes. Lake Victoria is the largest freshwater lake in Africa, 69,400 square kilometers, and is the birthplace of the Nile. Fisheries are rich in resources and have more than 500 kinds of fish. It is the second largest foreign exchange product in Uganda. You can eat fresh grilled fish in various restaurants in Uganda, and the price is cheap and the meat is tender.

Uganda is 1000 --1500 meters above sea level and belongs to the terrain of the hills. Very suitable for tea trees. There are several large tea gardens, all over the mountains, neatly, very beautiful. Mainly produced bags of tea, green tea and black tea, mainly exported to Europe. There are also mint green tea and ginger -flavored black tea.

Uganda is rich in sugar. There are 3 relatively large sugar factories in this country, with 350,000 tons of sugar per year. When you walk in Uganda, you can often encounter endless sugarcane forests and trucks filled with sugarcane. The Ugandans also like to eat sugar. They put sugar when they drink coffee, they have sugar when drinking tea, and they put sugar pieces on the desk. Sugar brings them the sweetness of life.

Uganda is rich in coffee. You walk on Uganda's field. In addition to seeing fruit trees such as mango, papaya, you can also encounter coffee trees full of coffee beans. Walking in the countryside, you can see the dark coffee beans of drying, and you may also encounter a hospitable villager who entertain your original coffee. Uganda is a native country for coffee in Robbes Tower. Today, there is still a lot of wild Robbes coffee trees in Uganda, which is rare in the world.

Uganda is rich in bananas. There are many varieties of banana, with large and long fruit bananas, sweet and sour banana, and also have a large yam. Uganda's staple food is bananas. The green banana is steamed in the pot, then peeled and crushed in the pot. I have eaten a few times, not sweet, a faint fragrance. I saw at the airport that the Ugandans went to work in Dubai, and the luggage brought was a large string of rice bananas. It can be seen that the Ugandans really love their banana staple food because it is not only delicious and healthy.

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