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Rice Harvester Machine Price In Pakistan

Time:2022-11-23 16:31 Views:

Rice Harvester Machine, using cutting+horizontal axis roller drum separation technique, strong descending capacity, complete material separation; reasonable design structure and convenient maintenance; new peripheral design, practical and beautiful lines, beautiful lines; suitable for most regions across regions, cross -regional cross -regional cross -regional cross -regional cross -regional cross -region Operation;
Rice Harvester Machine Price In Pakistan

1. The machine uses a 175 -horsepower engine with strong power and sufficient reserves;
2. Improve the new harvester to strengthen the power output component, the transmission is reliable and good;
3. Give the bridge (900mm), feed the unobstructed unstoppable, the operating speed is faster and the efficiency is higher;
4. Use 2680mm to change the cutting platform to adapt to the road passage of the villages in the countryside. It is more convenient to replace maintenance;
5. Adopt a enhanced gearbox, an increase in clutch, lengthened arms, easy operation and strong carrying capacity;
6. Widen the double -layer step screening, the clear selection ability is stronger, and the selection effect is better;
7. Using automatic hydraulic high -level unloading barrels, suitable for various grain transportation vehicles, fast and effort to remove food;
8. Install a reversing radar at the tail, convenient and safe driving;
9. The new overall sealing cab has a wider field of vision. The cockpit is clean, comfortable, and noise. The front -type hydraulic operating rod is more convenient to operate;
10. Patent dust removal device can be selected in front of the windshield of the cab to clear the dust of the dust to ensure that the vision is clear and the driving safety is not easy to fatigue;
11. Adopt an increased water tank and a new radiator protective cover to ensure that the engine does not work for a long time in harsh environments.


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