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Is any machine for frying groundnut

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There are many ways to eat peanuts, such as frying, roasting, boiling, wrapping and so on. Each way of eating requires special equipment for processing. Among them, fried peanuts are loved by many friends. There are also many ways to fry peanuts, among which alcoholic peanuts, fried and salted are the most common fried peanuts. So: Is any machine for frying groundnut? Yes, there is a special frying machine for fried peanuts, we call it: Peanut Frying Machine
Peanut Frying Machine

The peanut frying machine is mainly suitable for larger food production enterprises. The applicable products are: broad beans, green beans, peanuts and other nuts; puffed food such as rice cakes and potato chips; Jiangmi strips, cat ears, shaqima, twist noodles and other noodles Products; meat products such as meat pieces and chicken legs; aquatic products such as yellow croaker and hairtail; soy products such as dried tofu and tofu foam, etc. The peanut fryer consists of an oil temperature control system, a hot oil circulation system, and several parts; electric heating, coal heating, gas heating and other methods can be used; the oil is heated through the heating system, and then put into the material, during the frying process , the slag falling on the material will sink to the bottom of the water, prolonging the service life of the oil, and the equipment comes with a stirring function, so that the material can be fried evenly.
Peanut Frying Machine

Features of Peanut Frying Machine:
1. Automatic filtration: The oil-water separation frying process is designed, and the residues generated during the frying process of the food are automatically filtered into the water, which ensures the cleanliness of the oil body, improves the quality of the product, and brings higher quality to the product. added value, while increasing the service life of the grease;
2. Manpower saving: It integrates stirring, lifting, oil filtering and automatic discharging, which can realize semi-automatic production of the whole machine, and save time and labor with one-key operation;
3. Excellent material: the whole machine is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion, high temperature, oil, and is durable;
4. High heat utilization rate: CFD dynamic simulation design of heat exchanger, multi-layer pipeline distribution design, hot air flow in the heat exchanger to form an "S"-shaped flow direction, increase the residence time of heat in the pipeline, reduce energy loss, heat The utilization rate is greatly improved compared with traditional equipment;
5. Independent temperature control system for the water layer: the bottom of the heat exchanger adopts dual cooling measures of natural wind and forced water circulation to ensure that the water temperature of the lower layer is kept below 55°, and the safety of the oil-water contact layer is ensured;
6. High safety performance: equipped with over-temperature protection device to ensure product quality and safe production;
7. Automatic temperature control: The oil temperature is automatically controlled throughout the whole process, and the temperature can be set at will from 0-230 degrees, which is suitable for frying foods with different technological requirements;
8. Exquisite craftsmanship: It is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, and the introduction of CNC equipment for lean processing, exquisite craftsmanship, sturdy and durable;

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