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How much does a peanut butter machine cost

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The peanut butter machine generally uses a peanut butter grinding machine, which can grind peanut butter, almond butter, ketchup, sesame paste and other foods. Peanut butter machines are divided into different models according to the output, and the price of each model is different. For customers in each country, even if they buy the same machine, the cost is different. The following Everfit Food Machine will explain to you: How much does a peanut butter machine cost
Peanut Butter Machine

1. The price of the machine
The price of each output of peanut butter machine is different, for example: JMS-80 peanut butter grinding machine used at 75kg/h, this machine and JMS-110 have different prices, but they are both machines for grinding peanut butter.
2. Shipping cost
In international trade, transportation cost is a cost that must be considered. Everfit's peanut butter grinders are shipped from China and are usually shipped to customers by sea. So the customer's distance from China will determine the level of transportation cost.
3. Tariffs
At present, China has signed trade agreements with many countries. The peanut butter machine usually does not need to pay customs duties, but it is recommended that friends go to the local customs for consultation.

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