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How To Operate Rice Huller

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How To Operate Rice Huller
How To Operate Rice Huller | How To Operate Rice Hulling Machine
1. First of all, you need to check whether the random accessories and instruction manual are complete
2. Read the instructions carefully
3. Plug in the power supply, turn on the switch, and check whether the machine starts normally
4. Check the belt: Turn off the power and feel the tightness of the belt by hand.
5. Check the gap between the rubber rollers, start the machine, and pour in the rice.
6. After doing the above preparations, you can use the machine normally

The technical advantages of the rice husker:
1. Three rubber rollers are installed in the head of the rice husking machine, and the grains will be hulled twice when fed once. That is, the rice husker, which is equivalent to two rubber rollers, peels it twice.
2. The leak-proof performance on both sides of the rubber roller is very good: special glass is installed on one side, and quenched manganese steel plate is installed on the other side. Both materials are super hard and wear-resistant. That is to prevent the grains from leaking directly without shelling by the rubber roller. Even if the material is worn, it can still be leak-proof by flanging, turning around, etc.
3. There is glass on the head door of the rice husking machine, and the head door can be opened, and the inner rubber roller is visible, so it is very convenient to adjust and use. Even less professional people can easily operate and use.
4. The rubber layer of the hulling rubber roller is extremely thick and has a relatively long service life.
5.220V electric drive, no dust when using, and the chaff is separated cleanly.

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