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How Much Is Straw Cutting Machine In Nigeria

Time:2022-11-15 14:40 Views:

Feed prices soared, and pressure on Nigerian poultry farmers increased. For the breeding industry, the feed cost is very important. Once the feed cost rises sharply, it is a great pressure for farmers. In addition, there are many Nigerian farmers who are also very sensitive to the price of feed. Therefore, current farmers are more inclined to buy Straw Cutting Machines to process some feed themselves, reducing the cost of purchasing feed. Many farmers have their own concerns about their own feed processing, such as How Much Is Draw Cutting Machine In Nigeria
How Much Is Draw Cutting Machine In Nigeria

How Much Is  Straw Cutting Machine In Nigeria? This problem involves two costs, one is the cost of the machine, that is, the cost of the Draw Cutting Machine, and the other is the transportation cost. For Nigeria, it is a very good choice to buy a Chinese Straw Cutting Machine. However, the distance between China and Nigeria is very far, so the transportation cost is also high. For the purchase of Straw Cutting Machines, you can use the method of purchasing several more at a time to offset this cost. Then let's take a look at what the Straw Cutting Machine looks like.

A machine for cutting straw from a bale of compressed straw and which isparticularly adapted to avoid jamming of the rotatable cutters and to allow displacementof the machine for use in any desired location and to eject the cut straw in any desireddirection . This straw cutting machine comprises a body having a top provided with a seriesof slots and also provided with cutters mounted on a shaft placed underneath andtransversely to the body of the machine such that , when the cutters are rotating theyproject through the slots . The bale of straw to be cut is inserted into an upstanding tubeopen at both ends which turns about its vertical axis . The bottom face of the bale ofstraw rests on the body top and is engaged by the cutters which chop the straw and liftthe bale against its own weight . The cutters sweep against the entire bottom face of thebale of straw because the cutter is turned by the rotating tube . The jamming of thecutters is avoided because there is no shearing of the straw since the surfaces of thecutters are spaced from the edges of the slots . This straw cutting machine is mounted onwheels for manual displacement of the machine . It is also provided with an opening toallow for the selective directional ejection of the cut straw , the latter being ejected bythe cutters
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