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Product knowledge

Chaff Cutter Machine With Motor Price

Time:2022-11-17 16:27 Views:

Chaff Cutter Machine is a silage feed machining machine, which is composed of crushing and chopping components installed on the same drive shaft. The chopped component is mainly composed of cutting knife, scraper, roller, etc., and the crushing components are mainly composed of tooth discs. Chaff Cutter Machine can cut green feeds such as vines, straw, straw, and crickets. And use roller wheels to automatically feed the vines. There are diesel engines and motor versions in terms of power. For areas with stable electricity, you can use the CHAFF Cutter Machine of the motor. For areas with less stable power, the diesel version can be used in the CHAFF Cutter Machine, so it is very suitable for rural farmers.
Chaff Cutter Machine

Chaff Cutter Machine With Motor Price is mainly costly: machine framework and motor. But for international trade customers, transportation costs need to be considered. Chaff Cutter Machine With Motor Price also needs to be distinguished according to the power size and output of the motor, because the output of the machine from 2.8 tons/hour to 6 tons/h is different.The machines and machine parameters are different, and the machine can be customized as needed, so there is no way to give a unified price.

Everfit is a professional mechanical manufacturer that has focused on international trade over the years. Chaff Cutter Machine is one of Everfit's main business. Demand, provide detailed quotation form.
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