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Product knowledge

Chaff Cutter Machine For Agriculture

Time:2022-11-14 15:45 Views:

Chaff is the general name of the stem and leaf (spike) of mature crops. It usually refers to the remaining part of wheat, rice, corn, potato, rape, cotton, sugarcane and other crops (usually coarse grains) after harvesting seeds. Chaff is also a kind of roughage. It is characterized by high crude fiber content (30% - 40%) and lignin. Although lignin cellulose can not be used by pigs and chickens, it can be absorbed and used by ruminants, cattle, sheep and other livestock.

Although these Chaffs can be used as animal feed, they usually need to be chopped up. This part of work used to be made manually. With the development of agriculture, the speed and efficiency of manual production can no longer meet the needs of farmers. At present, the mainstream approach in the market is to use the Chaff Cutter Machine For Agriculture. This kind of machine can process Chaff in large quantities, and cut long Chaff into pieces.

This  chaff cutter machine is mainly used for cutting micro-green, dried corn stalks and other forage crops, straw and so on, the family farmed cattle, sheep, horses, deer and other live stock, the ideal helper. It compact structure, size, light weight; with steel structure, safe, reliable, single-phase power, easy to use, even long grass, and other characteristics suitable for green or dry chaff cutter machine is a mechanical device for cutting straw or hay into small pieces before being mixed together with other forage and fed to horses and cattle. This aids the animal's digestion and prevents animals from rejecting any part of their food.
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