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Toothpick News

What machines are used to make toothpicks

Time:2022-07-29 14:41 Views:

Toothpicks can be divided into wooden toothpicks, bamboo toothpicks, metal toothpicks and other different types according to the material, and the production of each type is not the same. Bamboo toothpicks are more and more popular because of their low cost, cleanliness, and environmental protection. But you know: What machines are used to make toothpicks? Although we know that different raw materials can be used to make toothpicks, you may not know what machines are used to make toothpicks, so we will take the most mature and popular bamboo toothpicks as an example, and tell you what machines are used to make toothpicks .

What machines are used to make toothpicks

Making bamboo toothpicks must use a bamboo toothpick machine, the machine is composed of different equipment, you can also call it a toothpick production line. The main equipment includes 9 kinds of machines: Raw Bamboo Sawing Machine, Bamboo Cutting Machine, Bamboo Slicing Machine, Bamboo-wool Forming Machine, Bamboo-wool Cutting Machine, Toothpick Dimension Control Machine, Toothpicks Polishing Machine, Toothpicks Aligning Machine, Toothpicks Sharpening Machine. Through the processing of these machines, a complete bamboo will become a bamboo toothpick.
These machines are collectively called toothpick making machines, so What machines are used to make toothpicks? Do you know the answer to this question?
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