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Toothpick News

Toothpick making machine in uganda

Time:2022-09-21 12:09 Views:

Bamboo is an important part of Uganda's natural resources and an important non-timber forest resource for the survival of rural communities, making important contributions to the country's ecological security and national economy. The bamboo processing industry is in its infancy in Uganda. The main product types are bamboo poles, bamboo furniture, bamboo handicrafts and decorations. In 2007, Uganda began to produce bamboo toothpicks with Move a large number of practitioners. Toothpicks are in great demand in Uganda, so many investors are engaged in the toothpick business, and the first thing to do in the toothpick business is to buy a toothpick manufacturing machine. So Everfit will introduce it today: Toothpick making machine in uganda

Toothpick making machine

Toothpick making machines can be divided into bamboo toothpick making machines, wooden toothpick making machines and other toothpick making machines according to the raw materials. Bamboo toothpick making machine is the most used in Uganda. Bamboo toothpick making machine generally consists of 10 kinds of equipment, each equipment is responsible for one processing process, such as: Toothpick Dimension Control Machine, which is mainly responsible for controlling the size of toothpick, The length is about 65mm. It consists of fixed clamp, motor, saw bit and foundation bed. It's installed in a removable frame.
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