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Toothpick News

Toothpick Manufacturing Machine From Bamboo

Time:2022-07-31 14:57 Views:

Toothpick manufacturing machines can be divided into wooden toothpick machines, bamboo toothpick machines, and plastic toothpick machines according to different raw materials. Bamboo toothpicks are very popular in the market because the raw materials are easy to obtain, clean and hygienic and environmentally friendly, so many customers are also very interested in Toothpick Manufacturing Machine From Bamboo. Let's introduce Toothpick Manufacturing Machine From Bamboo:
Toothpick Manufacturing Machine From Bamboo

Toothpick Manufacturing Machine From Bamboo can be called Bamboo Toothpick Making Machine, or you can call it: Bamboo toothpick production line. Because the bamboo toothpick machine is not a single machine, it consists of 9 different machines, which can process a complete bamboo into small toothpicks. Fully automatic bamboo toothpick production line is a production line for making toothpicks with bamboo raw materials, it includes bamboo sawing machine, bamboo splitting machine, bamboo fixing and thickness shaving machine, bamboo round rod forming machine, bamboo stick cutting machine, toothpick length cutting machine, tooth stick polishing machine machine, toothpick tip sharpener and blade sharpener. Widely used in many toothpick factories.

Toothpick Making Machine is one of Everfit Machine's main businesses. Everfit Machine is committed to providing customers with valuable products and services. For Toothpick Making Machine, we have undergone many improvements to better meet the needs of investors and have more benefits for workers. more protection.
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