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What is the price of hemp seed shelling machine in Denmark

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The Kingdom of Denmark is located in the north of Europe, with a temperate marine climate and low terrain, which is very suitable for the growth of hemp. Hemp seed is rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acid, lecithin, linolenic acid, vitamins, calcium, iron ore and other trace elements necessary for human body. It can protect vision, enhance memory, and eliminate free radicals. However, the edible or pressed oil of hemp seeds needs to be shelled. What is the price of hemp seed shelling machine in Denmark?
hemp seed shelling machine in Denmark

The process of hemp seed shelling: the hemp seeds shall be graded before shelling (large, medium and small particles shall be separated), and then the particles shall be shelled separately. After shelling, the finished products shall be mixed together, and then they shall enter the finished product grading screen (three layer screen with four outlets, plus air mesh) for shell and kernel separation.
hemp seed shelling machine in Denmark

Features of hemp seed sheller:
1. Pure dry peeling is adopted, with good peeling effect, low loss and high yield;
2. The skin removal rate can be adjusted at will according to the customer's requirements for the quality of finished products;
3. All stainless steel materials meet the requirements of high-end customers such as food factories and pharmaceutical factories
hemp seed shelling machine in Denmark
The hemp seed shelling machine in Denmark mainly comes from China. Everfit focuses on international trade all the year round. The hemp seed shelling machine is one of Everfit's main businesses. If you need a hemp seed shelling machine, please contact Everfit.

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