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Peanut Peeling Machine In Sri Lanka

Time:2022-07-01 14:48 Views:

Peanut Peeling Machine In Sri Lanka mainly has two kinds of equipment: peanut dry peeling machine and peanut wet peeling machine. The process of these two kinds of equipment is different, but the purpose is to remove the red skin of peanut kernels.
Peanut Peeling Machine In Sri Lanka

1.Peanut Dry Peeling Machine In Sri Lanka
Automatic peanut dry peeling machine is professional equipment for removing red skin from peanuts. This dry peanut peeling machine uses the working principle of differential speed rolling friction drive, peeling peanut( the moisture is less than five percent) in order to avoid burnt, again through the sieve screening, inhale the peeled peanut skin, make the whole peanut kernels, half peanuts, broken ones apart, with stable performance, safe and reliable, high productivity, good effect of peel and lower half peanut rate.
Peanut Wet Peeling Machine In Sri Lanka

2.Peanut Wet Peeling Machine In Sri Lanka
The structure of the peeling machine is mainly a feeding device and a peeling rubber wheel. Peanuts need to be put into hot water for several minutes first. Then put the peanuts inside the machine, the machine will remove the peanuts red skins off easily. After peeling, the peanut will not break, the color is white and beautiful, the protein will not degenerate, nutrition will not be lost. This peanut red skin peeler is a perfect peeling equipment. 
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