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Technical literature

French industrial hemp seed shelling machine

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Looking at the world today, because of the medicinal value of fire hemp, it is constantly discovered and developed by the market, and the planting of fire in France is increasing. There are many ways to process hemp, and hemp seeds are undoubtedly the most important part of them. Hemp seed oil is the oil made of seed pressure squeezing with a hemp. The main effects are hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia, preventing asthma, preventing the elderly, and enhancing human immunity. Extracting hemp seed oil needs to be detached from the hemp seeds first. In modern industrial society, the hemp seeds are mainly used for hindrance to hure seeds. In France, because of the large amount of processing, it is also called:
French industrial hemp seed shelling machine

French industrial hemp seed shelling machine including hemp separating machine, sorting machine, cleaning equipment, etc., which can meet the requirements of users for large-scale mechanized continuous production.The whole set of Hemp Seeds Shelling  Machine can realize hemp seed dehulling, dehulling, seed kernel sorting, and the unseparated kernels can automatically return to the dehulling machine for dehulling again..

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