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Technical literature

Diesel Pellet Machine Explain

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Diesel feed pellet machine is a kind of equipment for processing feed pellets, its working principle and use precautions are as follows:
How it works:
The working principle of diesel feed pellet machine mainly includes the following steps:
Crushing and mixing: First, raw materials need to go through the crushing and mixing stage. The purpose of this stage is to carry out the initial crushing and mixing of the raw material, making it easier for the raw material to be processed later.
Press forming: Next, the crushed and mixed raw materials are fed into the press forming part of the pellet machine. Here, the raw material is pressed through a mold into particles of the desired size and shape.
Cutting and cooling: The particles after pressing need to go through the process of cutting and cooling. Cutting cuts the particle to the desired length, while cooling helps solidify the particle, making it stronger.
Precautions for use:
The following points should be noted when using diesel feed pellets:
Safe operation: When using the machine, the operator needs to strictly abide by the operating procedures to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. Do not touch the inside of the machine with your hands during operation, and do not wear loose clothing to avoid being involved in the machine and causing accidental injury.
Regular maintenance: Regular maintenance of diesel feed pellet machine is very important. Including cleaning, lubrication, inspection of parts wear, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
Raw material quality: The use of high-quality raw materials is essential for the production of high-quality feed pellets. Ensuring the quality of raw materials meets the requirements is conducive to improving the production efficiency and quality of feed pellets.
Cleanliness and hygiene: After the end of production, timely cleaning of the internal residues and particles of the machine to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the equipment is conducive to extending the service life of the equipment.
Diesel feed pellet machine processes raw materials into feed pellets through crushing, pressing, cutting and other processes. In use, it is necessary to pay attention to safe operation, regular maintenance, raw material quality, operation skills and cleanliness to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the production of high-quality feed particles.
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