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How to easily remove the shell of Chilean hemp seeds

Time:2022-10-21 16:23 Views:

In our daily life, reasonable nutrition collocation is the important material basis for human health, and balanced diet is the way to reasonable nutrition. The growth and development of the human body can not be separated from a variety of nutrients. The balance of various nutrients can not be separated from good eating habits. Therefore, a healthy and good eating habit is particularly important. Otherwise, if the human body is short of nutrition, it will lead to disease, which is extremely adverse to health. How to easily remove the shell of Chilean hemp seeds?
hemp seeds

Simple shelling procedure of Chilean hemp seeds:
1. In food, such as hemp seed food, it is necessary to use the hemp seed shelling machine to shelling. Therefore, it is suggested that you can directly stir fry the fire seeds and sesame seeds to golden color, and then put them into a blender to boil. This method has a good health care effect.
2. However, it should be noted that excessive consumption of hemp seed food must be avoided, otherwise it is easy to have skittiness. In addition, if it is used for chronic constipation, it is enough to take three to four times a month. Excessive consumption of hemp seed will cause diarrhea, even lethargy.
3. The hemp seed can mainly moisten the dry and smooth intestines, so it is especially suitable for the elderly with body deficiency and postpartum blood deficiency. However, excessive consumption is very harmful. Therefore, it is better to drink hemp seeds in the herbal tea shop.
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