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Introduction Of The Topic Development Of A Red Seed Groundnut Peeling Machine

Time:2022-06-30 15:40 Views:

The significance of research and development of Red Seed Groundnut Peeling Machine
With the rapid development of the food industry, the utilization of peanuts is developing towards the direction of diversity, and the intensive processing of peanuts has also become an inevitable way of efficient and comprehensive utilization of peanut kernels. In addition to simple and direct consumption and oil extraction, peanuts are also used to make various flavors of peanut kernels, peanut candy, peanut butter, peanut milk beverages and other foods. Peanut kernels are composed of red coat and seed kernels. The red coat is mainly composed of fibrous tissue and hemostatic agents, while the oil, protein and other nutrients in peanuts are concentrated in the seed kernels. Whether it is to extract protein powder from peanut seeds or to improve the grade of peanut oil to produce strong-flavored peanut oil, it is necessary to After peeling the peanut fruit, the red skin on the peanut kernel is removed, which is one of the indispensable key processes in the process of making the above-mentioned food and raw materials.

Development of Red Seed Groundnut Peeling Machine
According to the characteristics of the existing peanut red coat peeling machine, a low-cost peanut peeling machine with simple structure and high efficiency is designed, and the strength analysis and optimization design are carried out by using the existing tools. The peanut red coat peeling machine is mainly composed of: electric motor, reducer, moving screen, belt, transmission device and steering device. The electric motor provides power, which is linked by a coupling and a reducer, respectively, to provide power for the movable belt and the plane motion screen. For details, please check: Peanut Dry Peeling Machine
Peanut Dry Peeling Machine

The development prospect of Red Seed Groundnut Peeling Machine
At present, peanuts are mostly used to make various flavored peanut kernels, peanut candy, peanut butter and protein powder. After peeling the peanut fruit, removing the red coat on the peanut kernel is an indispensable process in the process of making the appealing food and raw materials. At present, there are two mainstream peanut peeling machines on the market: dry peanut peeling machine. And peanut wet peeling machine, the peanut red peeling machine developed this time belongs to the dry process, with high production efficiency, high peeling rate and low labor intensity, and can be widely used in peeling peanut red.
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