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Where can i buy a machine that makes sesame tahini in south africa

Time:2022-06-23 14:23 Views:

Sesame is an annual upright herb, 60-150 cm tall. It is found in tropical regions of the world as well as some temperate regions. It is also an important oil crop. The extracted oil is called sesame oil, sesame oil, and sesame oil. It is characterized by a mellow smell and can be used raw or hot. Many African countries such as South Africa, Tanzania, and Nigeria also grow sesame in large quantities. Sesame seeds can not only be used for oil extraction, but also can be ground into sesame paste (sesame paste) through a sesame butter grinding machine.Then there is a question for friends in South Africa: Where can i buy a machine that makes sesame tahini in south africa
machine that makes sesame tahini
Everfit Food Machine is a company specializing in the international trade of food machinery, and the sesame paste grinding machine is one of our main equipment.Tahini grinding machine whole machine determined by the geometry, different rotor rotating in high speed under the relative motion, obtained by shearing, crushing, grinding and high frequency vibration. The crushing chamber is provided with three grinding zone, a grade for coarse grinding, fine grinding area as two level, three level for the attritor area, through adjusting the stator and rotor, can effectively achieve the required a superfine crushing effect (or cycle).
machine that makes sesame tahini
If you buy a machine that makes sesame tahini in South Africa then please contact us. We will provide you with suitable products and accurate quotations.
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